Aims in therapy

Have you thought of starting therapy, or feel that you could gain something from it?   If you have, before we start I suggest to my clients that they think of some aims for themselves.


As well as knowing what we aren’t happy about, or what our symptoms are, giving ourselves some aims helps focus on what we want.   It makes sure it is for us and not for a significant other in our lives nor for anybody else.   It also gives us a yardstick by which we can see some progress.   Sometimes that is important for the child in us. 


‘Hooray I have something to celebrate; I can feel something changing or moving.’ 


I am often asked the question  ‘How long will it take?’    Having some aims is one way of creating some idea of time.   Each person is different.   Time can vary according to what someone wants for themselves.   It can vary according to their aims.   As a therapist when you tell me of your aims for yourself I have some guidelines about what you are looking for.   After all it is Your therapy.   


It’s also important in therapy for us to acknowledge the ‘Ah ha’ moment.  (See Curiosity, Creativity, the Light Bulb Moment 23/11/2010.)   This can be when we first notice that we have acted or re-acted in a slightly different way.   As well as becoming aware of what we do, we are gaining a deeper self knowledge.   It is important to notice when something shifts.   It is helpful to stop and acknowledge this and reinforce what we’ve just done or understood.

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