Creating a reality

To what extent do we create our own reality?  The meeting I went to on Friday discussed this topic.  It is a subject I had thought very interesting and which I find I am changing my mind on.  Most of the ideas discussed were (loosely) new age: that of course we do create our own reality.  That maybe fine if it helps someone to take personal responsibility for their life and not to blame others for their misfortunes:   do whatever works for you.    I have great reservations when used as a generality.  


Does a child from a poor background in a 3rd world country have a choice, I asked, and someone answered by talking about the “reality of the unobtainable being in oneself”.  Yes, maybe that’s fine, I think, if you are enlightened, educated and have the means.


If you were poor, uneducated and living in a suppressive community, what choice would that give you?   Would you even understand the concept of your own thoughts limiting you?   That’s tough.


All this reminded me of the Positive Thinking brigade.   Well sometimes we just can’t feel positive.   Isn’t it better to recognise this?   Isn’t it denial to pretend that we are just fine?   The world, or my life, isn’t always marvellous.   What is so difficult about admitting that we aren’t feeling so fine?   Isn’t it perhaps easier once we’ve realised it’s just not so fine, to take stock and ask ourselves why?   What can I do?   This is where there is a space for change.   It is a chance to ask “what can I do now to change?”  There’s a very helpful phrase I read which asks


“If you are not happy right now, what can you do right now to feel happy?”   That’s such a good question and at times just needs one tiny movement to bring about a change.

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