Hero Fathers

This week I read about the importance of Fathers in our lives.   Does calling them our hero help us?   Is it perhaps better to be able to reconcile them in our minds as human like us?   I have often wondered about that balance between demanding more of our children and accepting them as they are.   What an impossible task for a father to see his child as he is, or rather will be.   This is work in progress.

How impossible for a child to see his father as a person.   Work in progress also.


I have always thought that the closer we can come to aligning our fantasised father with the reality of who he is, the closer we can be to being at ease with “our father concept”.


It seems as though John Burnside says something like this (Observer Sunday 12/9/10) talking about his new book “A Lie About My Father”, (published by Vintage).   Had the author been able  to imagine the pain and frailty of his father, there would have been more peace.

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