The lasting effect of Adoption

It is National Adoption week 1 – 7 November,


The article in the Saturday paper with this title of the lasting effect got me thinking that it’s very hard to have an appreciation of any aspect of this for most of us.   I have never been blind but I can be blindfold for three hours to get a feel for the experience.    I can break a leg and be in plaster and have a glimpse of what it’d be like to have no use of my limbs.   Adoption is more difficult. 


Do you have an experience you would like to share here?   I have been involved with many stories of adoption.   I have heard from the aspect of a mother giving her baby for adoption when she was too young to be able to keep him, and how this experience gave her pain all through her life.   I have heard stories from the perspective of the adopted child, now grown up.  How problems with relationships and feeling not good enough are forever present.    Perhaps the winners are the adoptive parents who gain a child they may never have had.  


Is there any way we can contribute to National Adoption Week?   Please write what you know or, if you can, how you feel.

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