Towards separation

What I do as a Separation Consultant, or a Family Consultant.


It is highly likely that separation or divorce will be a difficult emotional journey, although the steps to go through will be legal.   Up until now it has been an area badly neglected on an emotional level and we at Sussex Family Solutions are working towards creating supportive alternatives, whether the divorce is collaborative or by mediation.    I have undertaken the training with which is for therapists to work with lawyers to assist the process.  We work with clients either separately or together.   This is not therapy, but I would use my experience as a therapist to assist this work.


An intervention can be before clients meet with a solicitor, it can continue all the way through the process being available to clients at collaborative meetings, and it can and also be to meet before or after meetings.    At SFS – Sussex Family Solutions we hope that clients will be able to work collaboratively, which is not always possible or relevant.  None the less working together with me as a Separation Consultant (or Family Consultant) can be the supportive help needed to work through what can be a difficult and vulnerable time.

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