Reasons for Therapy

Some of the reasons you might want to consider for starting therapy:

If there is an aspect of our lives we are unhappy with we can act purposefully to change it.  If we want something to change in our lives, we need to do something differently.  If we are already aware of this, realising we have a choice for change can be the first step.   I believe it is never too late to change, although at times, especially times of difficulty, it may seem we have no choice.

  • Loss: through divorce, growing up, loss of employment, children leaving home, death of someone close, loss of an idea of who we are
  • Anxiety: a job interview, unspecified anxiety, anticipation of a future event, following trauma, anxiety of impending change
  • Communication problems: conflict in relationships, professional or personal
  • Motivation: desire for change either personal or professional
  • Access: your own confidence, creativity or other quality
  • Psychological pain: depression, feelings of unexplained sadness
  • “Stuckness” or blockage: no progression, either creative or psychological
  • Change: that induces stress or questioning, implementing change, goal setting, change in life’s direction
  • Problem areas: in the family, at work, from childhood trauma, in any relationships
  • Dreams: bad or unwanted dreams, difficulty in accessing dreams
  • Breakdown: real or imagined
  • It may be that you simply want more out of life