Collaborative work

We are a group of professionals who are committed to helping separating couples through their relationship breakdown as painlessly as possible through working collaboratively.   Our website for Sussex Family Solutions (SFS) will give you more information.   As well as a team of lawyers who all work collaboratively, the team has pension and financial coaches.   To support the emotional aspect of separation therapists, life coaches and a parenting specialist have all been trained as Family Consultants by 

You can contact us on


Julia Dyson Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator  07966047320

Michael Hayes Collaborative Lawyer  01732 440855

Linda Lamb Collaborative Lawyer  07801 255619

Alan Larkin Collaborative Lawyer 07732201370

Jo O’Sullivan Collaborative Solicitor and Family Mediator

Lynne Passmore Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator 07554887985

Robert Williams Collaborative Lawyer 07880723377


Simonne Gnessen 07904044729  Financial Coach & Life Planner


Penny Coombes Individual & Family Services, Parenting Specialist 01273315630


Simonne Gnessen Financial Coach & Life Planner 07904 044729

Other Therapists

Leia Monsoon Counsellor & Family Mediator  07867 528085